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Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub is a sister concern of Career Nepal Skill Development Training Center (CNSDTC)Kathmandu based leading skill development training centre as well as human resource consulting firm operating since 2073. CNSDTC has been able to recruit and place more than thousands candidates in reputed organization, corporate house with excellence services and recognized as reputed brand. Already we are providing practical training programs, seminars to different levels for students and candidates. Beside, specialized services as skill development training, induction training, corporate training, & HR Functions, CNSDTC is committed delivering professional training service to its valued clients and human workforce by shaping their raw ideas, theoretical knowledge into implacable working skills which is of much demand in the present job market to sell about. Our job oriented training programs aim to produce skilled workforce for various field making the candidates competent and skilled enough to outperform the assigned job. The deserving trainees may get employment opportunities after completion of their training successfully on basis of their performance. 


1. Practical Accounting Training:
Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub provides practical and worthy accounting training
that enhance trainee’s skills in manual and computerized accounting that makes them much familiar with Nepal Government’s tax system, laws, accounting concept, rules, Income Tax, VAT, TDS and popular accounting software presently used in Nepal.
After consulting with accounting experts, we have designed the Accounting training courses in such a way that the trainees could implement the learned skills at workplace in confidential manner. The syllabus covers vital components including accounting business practices, financial recording, inventory management, financial reporting, banking transaction and general accounting practices and current amendments in Nepal.

Who can attend?

 Graduates, students (Any Faculty)
 Any employer or employee
 Junior Assistants
 Operational, Finance, and Maintenance Fresher’s/Professionals
 Professionals Who Wish to Develop Career in business and account

2. Digital Marketing Training:
Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub offers a very demanding career-oriented Digital
Marketing Training in Nepal to help students and professionals acquire skills of SEO
(Search Engine Optimization), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), influencer marketing,
content marketing, content automation, e- commerce marketing, data-driven marketing,
social media marketing, e-books , basics of designing and so on by the use of electronic
device or internet. No one can deny the fact that at present time, there is a huge demand for talented SEO professionals in the market. This course will prepare the trainee to become a perfect digital marketer and prepare you industry ready from day one. The course develops learner skills to confront the real world of the digital marketing scenario with proper strategy and techniques. This course helps to dig out possibilities of digital marketing comparing traditional marketing concept. As a matter of fact, the unaware students and professionals can perceive the most convenient ways of business development and work as a Freelancer.

Who can attend?

 Graduates, students (Any Faculty) enthusiastic about digital marketing
 Any employer or employee
 Aspirants looking in digital marketing world, IT Professionals
 Management Analysts and Executives
 Business owners who want to promote their business digitally

3. MIS (Advanced Excel) Training:
Microsoft Excel is the most common platform from basic to advanced level to perform
calculations, data storage, data analysis and organization, report generation and complex statistical computation. Almost all the organization uses Excel for data analysis for brining desired result in business sectors. Through this training, we aim to make trainees familiar with advance MS-Excel features that are applicable in performing complex business operations and overall management
 functions. This advanced level of training has been designed to enable the participants to transform data into meaningful facts, figures, reports, charts and visualization. We will also guide you on using the latest features of MS-Excel.

Who can attend?

 Graduates, students (Any Faculty)
 Data analyst, Business Managers and Accountants
 Research scientists
 Management Analysts and Executives
 Professionals Who Wish to Develop Career in Managements field

4. Office package Training:
In this present digital world, computer skill knowledge is of great use in both personal and professional life. Computer skills open up doors for many job opportunities as well as
personal growth. Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub has designed a primary computer and Office package training to help individuals with no prior knowledge of computers understand and multiple uses of the technology. This course covers the fundamental skills of computer as well as office applications and communication. Our training course aims to equip students, individual with technical skills in computer-based documentation, calculations, data collection, charts and analysis, reports, email internet uses, preparing presentations in high speed with accuracy along with knowledge of troubleshooting and network configurations. We do assist our trainees to be job oriented and explore opportunities in the market.

Who can attend?

 Graduates, Under Graduates, students (Any Faculty)
 Fresher
 Front Office Executive
 Data Entry operators
 Anyone who wants to enhance their computer skills

5. Sales and Marketing Training
For any company, sales force and marketing team is the frontline for revenue generation
and indicator for growth, so it's imperative that your sales & marketing team is effective,efficient and has the ability to find and close sales opportunities, no matter what industry you are in. Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub offers Sales and Marketing Training course that provides you, or your team, with the skills to boost up their sales by understanding need, rapport building skills, gaining loyal repetitive customers, improvise marketing concepts, understanding body language, skills to overcome common sales objections, finding referral opportunities, influencer skills, exceptional communication skills, analytic skills and numeracy and maximize the business possibilities with professionalism, enthusiasm and soon.

Who can attend?

 Graduates, Students (specialized in Marketing can be fruitful )
 Fresher’s and Under Graduates
 Sales and Marketing related employees
 Professionals Who Wish to Develop Career in Sales and Marketing

6. Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) Training
Data science is growing as the hottest job of 21st century and brighter career as data
analysts. This course aims to equip learners with ability of independently carrying out in-
depth data analysis with professional confidence and accuracy. Upon completion of this course, you will develop an ability t o independently analyze and treat data, plan and carry out new research work based on your research interest. The course encompasses most of the major type of research techniques employed in academic and professional research in most comprehensive, in depth and stepwise manner. The focus will be to develop practical skills of analyzing data, developing an independent capacity to accurately decide what statistical tests will be appropriate with a particular kind of research objective.

Who can benefit?

 Professional looking for a career in analytics in corporate sector
 Students/ Graduates
 PhD
 Data Analyst

Benefits of Training at Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub
 Abundance of career opportunities after completion of training
 Open doors for better work for students
 Internship/Placement opportunity for deserving trainees at reputed organizations

 Empower for career growth in existing job Salient features of Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub
 Friendly learning environment
 Open classrooms with all training resources available
 Trusted name for training skill development in Nepal
 Highly experienced professionals and training instructors
 Amplifies your interacting skills and confidence to face drawbacks
 Affordable and reasonable training cost
 Provision of reference materials for studying at home

Hamrojobs Professional Training Hub
Mitra-plaza 2 nd floor
Mitrapark-07, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-01-4470732, 4465469
Mobile Num: +977- 9823559673

Location: Mitrapark, Near TEXAS College, Kathmandu, Nepal