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Advance Excel Training

Advance_Excel_Training (Corporate level)

This Advanced Excel session is designed for professionals who rely on Excel program for the daily tasks. In this action packed Excel session, participants will learn the must have Excel skills that would eventually make it easier to gather, enter, organize, analyze and report data. Participants will learn the different Excel features in short time span and be confident to apply them at their work. The sessions are conducted with lecture and hands on practical example faced at real workplace. Towards the end of session, participants will become a confident Excel User with increased efficiency & productivity.

1. To build the foundation for becoming Advanced Excel User.
2. To gather, organize and analyze data for business reporting.
3. To perform complex calculations using Worksheet Functions.
4. To learn automating repetitive tasks using Macros.
5. To design templates and print professional looking spreadsheet


Administrative staffs, fresh graduate students, researchers requiring statistical data analysis, Project management staffs, marketing/sales staffs, HR staffs, Finance and Account staffs, Analyst, Managers are highly recommended to enroll this course.